Marijuana: Mass. voters support legalized marijuana April 2019

Strong support for legalized marijuana, less for mandatory health care coverage, and benchmarking the Cannabis Control Commission.

What impact do you believe the legalization of marijuana has had statewide? 4/19 Emerson state general

Positive impact 40%      Negative impact 30%     No impact 30%                    70%-30%positive or no impact

This is an early April number and 40% of respondents think legalization has had a positive impact on the state. That’s the single largest segment of the electorate, 10% higher than negative impact and when combined with those who see no impact that’s 70% to 30% for the roll out to date. Not bad, and likely to get better as reefer madness fails to materialize.

How strongly do you support a law making it mandatory for health insurance to cover medical marijuana? 9/18 MPG state general ivr N=403 moe 5%

Very                       28%
Somewhat            24%       52%  yes
Not Very               12%       41%  no
Not at All              29%
Don’t Know            7%

Medical coverage for medical users is heading in the right direction but needs a few more years before it’s politically ripe.

How would you rate the job the Cannabis Control Commission is doing in legalizing retail marijuana stores? 12/18 MassPOPS state general

Excellent             16%
OK but slow       27%      43% approve
Bummer             13%       35% disapprove
Terrible              22%
Don’t Know       32%

It’s rare a state agency gets good numbers so 43% to 35% positive is probably as good a place as any to benchmark this crew. Let’s see what it looks like in six months, if it’s on the slide look for a call for new commissioners.

“Marijuana”by warrantedarrest is licensed under CC BY 2.0