Voters support expansion of CVS clinics in their cities and towns

Consumers are demanding new accessible services, partly in response to high health care costs. Self-described minute clinics long promoted and opened by drugstore giant CVS have dotted the Massachusetts landscape except for the city of Boston. City officials and health care professionals in Boston feared competition to established providers and Mayor Menino blocked there expansion several years ago. Recently, CVS expressed an interest in once again trying to set up shop in Boston. Observers are waiting to see how regulators respond this time around.

Meanwhile, the public is demanding options. According to the most recent study 57 percent of all voters statewide support the trimmed down clinics mostly because they believe many individuals can’t get to a primary care physician. Another 12 percent qualify their support suggesting the clinics be subject to regulation. In contrast 31 percent are opposed to the clinics and wouldn’t want them in their city or town. These voters maintain that more comprehensive urgent care clinics staffed by working medical doctors are preferable. Six percent (of the 31 percent) maintain that the clinics pose a ‘conflict of interest’ for CVS, a major health care and drug enterprise. Support is consistent across gender, age, political affiliation and educational attainment. Younger voters in the 18-34 cohort strongly support the concept. Support across political parties is exceptionally similar with 59 percent of Republicans, 55 percent of Democrats and 57% percent of independents strongly supporting CVS retail clinics. results



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Should CVS retail clinics, also known as HealthHUBS, expand in your city or town?
Yes, some folks can't get to a primary care doctor0.570.61
Yes, but with more oversight of the clinics 0.120.18
No, it’s a conflict of interests for stores like CVS 0.060.13
No, Urgent care clinics are better because they have MD’s0.250.07